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Welcome to the Lambda Kappa Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha!

My name is Carlie Snyder and I have the honor of serving as our Chapter President this year. 

While reflecting back on my time as a Mountaineer, the one thing that stands out to me the most was the day I joined Zeta Tau Alpha. I believe that Greek life has the potential to influence college women in such a positive way and Zeta Tau Alpha has proven that to me countless times. Love, Humility, Leadership, Loyalty, Commitment and Responsibility are a few of our 9 Key Values here in Zeta Tau Alpha and are just a few of the things I’ve learned throughout these past few years in this organization. 

‚ÄčAs someone who initially did not want to go through recruitment and questioned the purpose of Greek Life, believe me when I say that Zeta Tau Alpha is an incredibly special place that I never knew I needed in my world. My goal going through the recruitment process was to find a group of women who would push me to become the best version of myself while still loving me unconditionally. From the moment I met some sisters from my chapter, I knew that I had found these things and so much more. Each day, I am challenged by the Zeta women I chose to run home to back in August of 2018. I have found the women who I can’t believe I went 18 years of my life without, girls that I admire and learn from each and every day, and girls who are some of the most incredible role models across Appalachian State’s campus. 

Here in Lambda Kappa, our sisters do not fit into one category, yet each unique individual helps to create a beautiful compilation of what it means to be a Zeta. This sisterhood is full of women who do it all: aspiring lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, entrepreneurs and more who give their all in the classroom each day; influential leaders who are highly involved both within the chapter and in various other organizations on campus; intentional friends who will always check in on you, sit and binge every episode of the Bachelor or Grey’s Anatomy with you, and travel the world with you. 

As a girl from Summerfield, NC who came to Appalachian State without knowing a single soul, a spicy food connoisseur, a person who lives through their color-coded planner, and a Leo who still has confidence issues, I found my people in this organization. From running 5K’s to find a cure for our philanthropy (breast cancer education and awareness) to dancing it out at an 80’s themed function, Zeta Tau Alpha has given me experiences that I never thought I’d be lucky enough to have while in college. I am not the first woman who has been completely transformed through my time as a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, and I am confident that I will not be the last. 

Zeta Love and Mine, 

Carlie Snyder

Lambda Kappa - ZTA President 2021